06 January, 2013

Farmyard Darlings

© Alicia von der Lieth 2013
Last year I met the most inspiring and beautiful women at a small town art faire. Carole Sinclair and Kim Berry are the Farmyard Darlings "Expert sleuths specializing in uncovering vintage treasures".

These ladies are truly inspirational. As soon as you set foot in their shoppe, you are welcomed and your eyes begin trying to take it all in. I for one, love the rustic stuff. Trunks, books, skulls, crates, tables, mason jars turned lamps; you name it, they've got it and you want it.

Carole and Kim find their loot anywhere and everywhere. From antique shows to barns you never thought you'd find. Pickin' is what puts a smile on their face, and mine as well.

© Alicia von der Lieth 2013
Getting to follow them around and take pictures of their pickin' experience is always a blast. I love to watch their creative and business process. Excitement fills their souls during every pick, and boy is it contagious. To see so much passion from these amazing ladies, makes me not want to give up on my dreams.

Check out their reel down below! :]

The Darlings shoppe rests behind Harry's House in downtown Lafayette, CA.
3295 Mt Diablo Blvd
Lafayette, CA 94549